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Find Your Charge

We deliver the freshest coffee

Find Your Charge

We deliver the freshest coffee

One Organic, Single Origin Coffee Bean—Three Ways to Enjoy
Hot: Charge Coffee
Charge Coffee

Charge Difference: Shipped fresh the day is roasted for subscribers
Why? Roasted coffee is like produce and only stays fresh for a few weeks. The coffee sitting on grocery store shelves is not fresh

Cold: Snapchilled Charge
Snapchilled Charge

Snapchilled Difference: Chilled in seconds using Elemental Coffee Co's proprietary Snapchill™ Technology
Why? Cold brew coffee is susceptible to oxidation since the coffee is exposed to air for long periods of time

Single Serve: Steeped Charge
Single Serve:
Steeped Charge

Steeped Difference: Nitro sealed in single-serve bags that only require hot water (no moldy machine necessary)
Why? Typical single-serve pods contain stale ground coffee—and let's face it—pod machine coffee is not exactly great tasting

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