Frequently Asked Questions

Charge Coffee

Q: What is the origin of Charge Coffee?

A: Charge Coffee is single origin coffee from Guatemala. Guatemala is often ranked among the top countries in the world for producing coffee. We wanted a coffee that was organic and had a smooth, chocolate/nutty taste that we could drink every day.

Q: Why single origin and not a blend?

A: Most coffee companies produce "blends" as a way to use cheap coffee beans. Single origin coffee is from one single producer from one region. We buy premium coffee beans and do not mix them with lower quality beans.

Q: What level of roast is Charge?

A: Charge is a City+ roast. This falls between a light and medium roast. The darker the roast, the fewer antioxidants the coffee will retain. We try to balance health and taste.

Q: Is Charge always the same coffee bean?

A: We will always strive to perfect Charge. If we find an organic bean that can enhance the experience, we will consider it. For now we only use our one coffee.

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