The One Issue 11 - Here's To Do-It-Yourself Website Builders

Here's To Do-It-Yourself Website Builders

If you are considering starting a business online, it may be more feasible than you think.

The One Issue 11 (6/15/2020)

A little change of pace for this issue of the The One as I veer away from coffee for a week. I have heard a few people ask, “who did you use to build your website?” The honest answer is I didn’t need to use anyone. I did it myself and I am no coding expert. If you have ever considered building a website for your business, there has never been an easier time thanks to do-it-yourself website builders like Shopify or Squarespace.

A few takeaways I learned when building

1) Test different website builders before committing to one
We built our initial site using Squarespace because we were familiar with the brand and thought, “how much different can they all be?” It was a breeze to get the website functional using one of their customizable templates. However, we quickly realized Squarespace was limited when it came to E-Commerce. The gold standard for E-Commerce is Shopify. We decided to bite the bullet and build a brand new website through Shopify a month after launching. It was one of the most important decisions we have made.

2) It is possible to build a professional-looking website without any coding knowledge
Shopify has an app store, similar to the Apple app store, with every website development tool at your disposal. We found a great drag and drop page builder called Shogun. Building web pages is nearly as easy as building a social media profile if you have a clear vision of what the site should look like. There were a few instances where I needed to adjust some of the coding, but these were solved by clear step-by-step directions found through Google.

3) The top website builders are very affordable
The basic Shopify plan is only $29/month. We would pay multiples of that based the time savings and services they provide (please don’t tell Shopify).

4) Try 99 Designs if graphic design assistance is necessary
We used to develop our logo. This company is incredible. For <$300, ~50 designers compete against each other to create a winning logo. At the end of the competition, you have the option to choose a winner or walk away without paying anything. We have continued to work with the same designer who created our logo for several other projects, including all of the graphic designs on our website. Graphic designs are not necessary for building a website but they can be created cost-effectively through 99 Designs.

If any of you are considering starting a business, it may be more feasible than you think. One final tip – Charge Coffee could be considered a “performance-enhancing drug” in the website development process.

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