Troubleshoot Your Charge Coffee

Charge should taste smooth with some nutty and chocolate flavors to it. You should not get the typical bitter aftertaste that black coffee often creates.

There are two common ways that your coffee can go wrong when brewing:

1) "My coffee tastes weak and/or watery"
Check your ratio of water to coffee first. We recommend a 16:1 Water to Coffee ratio, which means 16 grams of water per gram of coffee. A food scale will cost you a couple dollars and you can dial this in. If your coffee still tastes weak once your ratio is set, your grind setting is the problem.

You are likely grinding your coffee too coarse. The water is flowing through the coffee too quickly and not extracting the appropriate amount of coffee. Change the setting on your grinder to a more fine setting. The chart below is a guide for grind settings by coffee brewer. You may need to test a few settings to really optimize Charge to exactly how you like it.

2) "My coffee is bitter"
This is not normal for Charge! It may be what you are used to tasting but that doesn't mean it is right. Use a little deductive reasoning here and do the opposite of what you would do if the coffee is too weak. If Charge is bitter, use less coffee or grind the coffee a little coarser. The water is taking too long to go through the coffee grounds and extracting too much coffee.

Written by Seth Jorde |