Thinking Copper One

The Thinking Behind Copper One

Never run out of coffee again.

A Google search for "Subscription Box" will generate 704,000,000 results. There is an endless amount of subscription services out there, but which ones actually create value for users? I would argue that physical product subscriptions only make sense for products that are 1) used frequently (every day) 2) used consistently (same amount each use), and 3) things that you never want to run out of. Coffee is the truly ultimate subscription product.

We knew a subscription service made sense for Charge, but we didn't want to stop there. Let's dive into what makes our subscription (Copper One) unique.

One Coffee
I used to sample different coffees from around the world and would have multiple bags at the same time. However, I always found myself going back to the one I liked most. It made me realize that trying a variety of coffees was overrated. Charge was developed to be that one coffee you always go back to with a flavor profile you will never get tired of (chocolate, caramel, and toffee).

Shipped Fresh Every Two Weeks
We ship coffee every two weeks because it is easy to determine how much coffee you need — one bag every two weeks = one cup of coffee per day. The other reason is to ensure you are always drinking coffee that is fresh. It is easy to buy coffee in bulk but it will only stay fresh for a few weeks.

The Coffee Guy
The Coffee Guy gives your subscription the ultimate flexibility. Simply text or email the Coffee Guy if you ever want to add a bag, pause, or skip a week. The Coffee Guy will also provide tips on products recommendations and how to make your coffee taste better. Text: (512) 535-1945. Email: Note – you can still make updates to your subscription manually through the customer portal on

No Commitment
Copper One is $2 less than single bags of Charge Coffee, but there is zero commitment when you subscribe to Copper One. I want to stress – the subscription is not designed to charge customers who forget they are subscribed. It is about adding value for the reasons described above. Every two weeks on Mondays, subscribers get charged in the morning and fresh roasted coffee ships in the afternoon. If you receive a confirmation email Monday morning and you don’t need coffee, email us before we ship it out and we will refund you.

If there is anything we can do to improve Copper One, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Some of the best improvements we’ve made have come from customer suggestions.

Written by Seth Jorde |