The One Issue 13 - The Quest Continues: Chilled Coffee

The Quest Continues: Chilled Coffee

We perfect one coffee, Charge. But the pursuit of perfection is not limited to hot coffee.

We’ve always viewed iced coffee and cold brew as a great change of pace, but the experience was never the same as a cup of hot coffee. That held true until we were introduced to Elemental Beverage Co.

The company was founded by an MIT engineer who created a technology to “Snapchill” coffee, while preserving the quality and flavor. We are excited to announce a partnership with Elemental Beverage Co to Snapchill and can coffee using the beans we use to make Charge Coffee.

Traditional Methods to Chill Coffee:

1) Iced Coffee
Problem: Ice melts and dilutes the flavor of the coffee.
Snapchill Difference: Snapchill technology cools hot coffee in ~one minute without using any ice, retaining all of the milk chocolate, toffee, and caramel flavors found in a cup of Charge.

2) Cold Brew
Problem: Cold brew coffee is susceptible to oxidation since the coffee is exposed to air for long periods of time.
Snapchill Difference: Coffee is canned immediately after it is chilled, reducing the rate of oxidation and preserving freshness.

3) Cold Cans at Grocery Stores and Gas Stations
Problem: Cold cans typically have sugar, preservatives, and other nonsense that will reduce your Charge.
Snapchill Difference: The ingredients for Charge Snapchilled Cans are “100% Arabica coffee & filtered water”. No BS.

Can you still make iced coffee / cold brew with your Charge beans? Absolutely. If your current process works we encourage you to keep doing it (and it might save you a few bucks). Charge Snapchilled Cans are a premium option for those curious to experience the best technology on the market.

Written by Seth Jorde |