Home Brew Essentials: The Ideal Set Up For All Levels

Home Brew Essentials:
The Ideal Set Up For All Levels

Everyone needs a pour over brewer, even if it is only used on the weekend

If you love your automatic brewer while you are on the go during the week, keep using it. Charge will taste great with it. However, a pour over brewer (e.g., V60, Chemex) will create a better cup and experience for you. The taste is simply unmatched and it will also give you time to be intentional about your first decision of the day. Spending 10 minutes to manually brew a near perfect cup of coffee sets the tone for the day—if you are intentional with your first decision, it makes it easy to be intentional throughout the rest of your day.

Pour overs can appear intimidating and may even take a few tries to perfect, but they are very simple and easy to use. Once you have them dialed in you will be hooked and on your way to experiencing coffee like you never have before. Here are our recommendations depending on how serious you are:

“I want to get my feet wet, but I don’t want to spend too much.”

  • Brew: Chemex manual brewer + Chemex paper filters

  • Grinder: Cuisinart DBM-8

  • Storage: Miir airtight coffee bean container

  • Kettle: Cheap gooseneck kettle with a thermometer on Amazon

  • Water: Filtered water. Never purely distilled (taste) or tap water (health)

“I am all in. Tell me what I need.”

  • Brew: Hario V60 manual brewer + Hario V60 paper filters

  • Grinder: Baratza Encore

  • Storage: Miir airtight coffee bean container

  • Kettle: Fellow Stagg Stovetop Kettle / Fellow Stagg Electric Kettle. Electric is great for the office.

  • Water: Third Wave Water mineral sticks mixed with distilled water

“I want to make great coffee, but I just don’t have time to make a pour over every morning.”

Chemex vs. V60

The Chemex is easier to use and better for those who make multiple cups at time. The V60 requires a bit more attention and only makes single cups. I personally prefer the V60, but use both frequently.


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