5 Steps To Keep Your Coffee Fresh

5 Steps To Keep Your Coffee Fresh

Roasted coffee is perishable, like produce, and only stays fresh for about a month.

1) Buy Fresh Roasted Coffee

The coffee industry doesn’t want you to know that roasted coffee is actually perishable, like produce, and only stays fresh for about a month. Now it won’t expire after a month, but it will be much lower quality. Buying fresh coffee will be a major upgrade to your current process even if you do not consider steps 2-5.

2) Store Coffee In An Airtight Container

Oxygen and light are the enemies of coffee. Immediately transfer fresh roasted coffee beans into an airtight container that blocks light.

3) Grind Coffee Right Before Brewing

Stop buying ground coffee. Coffee starts degrading within minutes after it is ground since more of the beans are exposed to oxygen. Pro tip: A quality burr grinder is worth the investment.

4) Avoid Using Tap Water

Coffee is 98% water. Stay away from distilled water without added minerals and tap water. For the best experience, try distilled water with Third Wave Water mineral sticks. Filtered water also works great.

5) Choose A Clean Brewing Method

We prefer brewing methods that do not heat plastic or store water (risk of mold). For those reasons, we avoid single cup machines.

Once you experience how good fresh coffee tastes and makes you feel, you will never want to buy stale coffee from a grocery store ever again. Feel free to reach out to the Coffee Guy if you have any questions CoffeeGuy@CopperCoffee.com.