Find Your Charge Trip 1

Takeaways From Find Your Charge Trip 1

What do we mean by “find you charge”? Finding your charge is about creating new experiences or taking things you love to do to the next level. It could be training for a marathon, seeing a new national park, coaching under Friday night lights, or being a better parent. It’s unique for each person. Charge Coffee is a tool to help you find your charge.

The One Issue 22 (8/31/2020)

Last week, we wrapped up our first Find Your Charge trip in Northern California to see what we could do on one bag of Charge Coffee. There were a lot of early mornings, cups of coffee, new experiences, and learnings.

The three biggest takeaways from the trip:

1) Pour overs are difficult to make on the road
Pour over coffee is how I start each day and it takes me ~7 minutes, start to finish. I didn’t realize 1) how inconvenient it would be to travel with the equipment necessary to make a pour over and 2) how long it takes water to boil when making coffee for a large group. With a full itinerary, the last thing you want to do is spend 30 minutes making coffee. There is a need for a better way to make fresh coffee – conveniently – when traveling. We will solve this problem in the future.

2) Coffee is the catalyst
Starting the day with a cup of coffee that is fresh roasted, organic, and single origin is the catalyst to getting the most out of each day. Early mornings and packed days require an energy boost that cheap coffee cannot provide. Quality coffee is key, and it becomes even more critical on days when you are doing more than your body is used to.

3) What charges you up may be a surprise
When we announced we were going on a trip to Northern California, two people suggested we should go whitewater rafting on the American River. Honestly, I have never once considered doing this and it turned out to be the highlight of the trip. I, and the rest of Copper Nation, would benefit from learning about what Charges other people up. Send us what you are doing to find your charge and we will share it on future articles of The One.

Looking forward to Find Your Charge Trip 2.

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