The One Issue 14 - Find Your Charge

Find Your Charge

Everyone gets charged up in different ways.

The One Issue 14 (7/6/2020)

The goal when starting Copper Coffee was to perfect one coffee. The quest is one that we will never accomplish but also one that we will never stop trying to accomplish.

Over the last year, we realized that we found our charge: perfecting one coffee. In somewhat circular fashion, Charge Coffee fuels us every morning on our quest to perfect one coffee. It has been truly eye opening to see what is possible when starting each day with the right coffee.

In finding our charge, we also want to find what charges other people up. We want to open our eyes and your eyes, to things that charge people up.

Is it starting a business? Is it running a marathon? Is it surfing at sunrise? Is it becoming a scratch golfer? Is it coaching underneath Friday night lights? Is it experiencing new adventures with your kids?

Everyone gets charged up in different ways. We want to see and share anyone in Copper Nation who is finding their charge. We also plan to showcase the one thing that charges different people up on future articles of The One.

We will Charge you up in the morning, you show us what Charges you up after that.

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