The One Issue 15 - Coffee Grinders: The Most Important Tool In Your Kitchen

Coffee Grinders: The Most Important Tool In Your Kitchen

All great cups of coffee start with fresh roasted coffee beans that are ground right before brewing. This week we will dig into why grinding coffee yourself is important.  

Pre-ground coffee is never fresh
Coffee degrades very quickly after it is ground, therefore it is critical to have a coffee grinder at home. You can taste the difference after about 30 minutes, yet store-bought coffee is often ground several months prior to it being sold.

Pre-ground coffee is rarely the correct grind size
The correct grind size for coffee is unique to each brewing method. For instance, a French press demands a coarse grind while an espresso machine demands a fine grind. It is unlikely that your coffee will be the correct grind size if it is pre-ground. Fortunately, most coffee grinders allow you to customize the grind size to your specific brewing method.

Our coffee grinder recommendation: Baratza Encore
Baratza is the gold standard brand when it comes to coffee grinders. Their baseline model, the Baratza Encore ($140), has everything you need. It is consistent, durable, compact, and has a clean look. There are more advanced Baratza grinders that are fantastic, but the Encore has all of the essentials to make outstanding coffee.  

Cheaper alternatives
If you are looking for a cheaper coffee grinder on Amazon, just make sure 1) it is a burr grinder (not a blade grinder) and 2) the grind size is adjustable.

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Written by Seth Jorde |